It exist only in the consciousness of the person. A meaning and idea, certain vision. They do not have substance. However I think that a photograph can copy it.



I grind a hiding thing openly

1.Echo (2010)

2.The other side (2011)

3.Rumbling in the earth (2011/Extract images from the work)

4.Signs of life from the darkness (2013/Solo exhibition)

5.Re-Trace (2016/Kindle)

6.The confined room , No.6 (2016/Self Publishing Book)

I record a disappearing thing

1.Apple warehouse (2011/kindle)

2.Hibarigaoka apartment (2012-2013)


I was born and grew up in the middle of nowhere and now live in Tokyo, Japan.
I majored in Japanese painting at university.

The subject of my photography is the people which I take great interest in. I continue to take photographs from the dual aspect of what is present in human consciousness and what exists in society.

Group Exhibition "7th Annual PHOTOBOOK Exhibition" at Davis Orton Gallery / Hudson, NY / December 2016
Group Exhibition "Participants of Mt.ROKKO INTERNATIONAL PHOTO FESTIVAL2014 Portfolio Review" / Tokyo, Japan / April 2015
Solo exhibition "Memories of HibarigaokaDanchi" at Higashikurume Nanbu Community Center / Tokyo, Japan / November 2013
Solo exhibition "Signs of life from the darkness" at EPSON Imaging Gallery epSITE / Tokyo, Japan / April 2013
History of award -winning
  • 2011 Px3 NON-PROFESSIONAL Gold of Fine Art - People and Portraiture - Other, Paris
  • 2010 Fujifilm Photo Contest Grand-prix of Photograph book section, Japan
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