Breaking Stones

Self publishing book (2017)

I was a child with Selective Mutism.

I imparted what I felt mentally and physically at that time to a dancer, Reisa Shimojima, and asked her to perform as she interprets it.

Reisa is not directly involved in a disorder like this.

This work’s main theme is the picturing of the minorities by a person on the side of the majority.

I have followed her expressions to complete this book.

Reisa Shimojima / Performance
Born in 1992.Began to dance when I was 7 y.o in my home town Kagoshima.
Studied a contemporary dance under Kuniko Kisanuki at Obirin College.
Appeared in works of Formed a dance company named Kedagoro in 2013 and perform choreography and direction in all works of Kedagoro.
Twitter : kedagoro

Photo book
W9.5" x H7.1"
32pages / Saddle stitch Photo book